Should you use emoticons at work? 75% of workers think so.

Have you ever sent an email that was misunderstood? Or received one that made you want to march over to the sender’s desk for an explanation? If you think it can be really tough to convey emotion in email, you’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey with Kelton Global that showed 81% of workers struggle to convey emotion in digital communications. Given that digital communications dominate most of our work lives, that’s a big problem.

It made us think about how we communicate in our personal lives, where we share a lot of texts, emails and social media posts. Even though these digital communications are typically shorter than the ones we use at work, we somehow manage to get our point across faster and more easily. One big difference? Emoticons. Facebook has even built Emoji into its posting structure. Yet, even though a lot of consumer technologies have made their way into the office, we still hear people wondering whether emoticons are NSFW.

We’re ready to debunk that idea for good. Having a way to add more clarity to your conversations helps make work more productive and enjoyable. So if using emoticons at work can help, let’s do it. The research suggests that workers are ready for this shift, too. Check out the infographic below to learn more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or at @Cotap on Twitter.

Infographic - emoticons at work